• What are the Components of a Tulsa Computer Network

  • There are many different variations to set up a Tulsa computer network, but the devices, features, and functions are common among them all. They each have some variation of clients, servers, and transmission media. They have various types of hardware such as shared printers and they share data with various software resources. There are also NIC (network interface card), LOS (local operating system), and the NOS (network operating system).

    But what exactly are these components? And, what do they provide a Tulsa computer network system? Are they all needed or are there alternatives? A professional service team like Quantus IT Solutions can answer all these questions for you and give you more detailed information about the following components.

    The Server –This holds the files, programs and the NOS so that it can provide each user access to network resources. A server may provide multiple functions such as a file server, print server, and mail server. There are also communication servers, database servers, and fax servers as well as web servers and others.

    The Client –No, this is not the same thing as the clients for your business. These are computers that access your Tulsa computer network and the shared resources. These clients request and receive the assorted services that the servers provide.

    The NIC – Every computer in your Tulsa computer network will need a NIC; an expansion card which will format the data then send it, receive it, as well as controls the data flow between each computer and the network.

    The Hub – Your Tulsa computer network will have a device that will split the connection to the multiple computers you’re networking.  Consider it the distribution center that answers the requests from each computer and sends it to where it needs to go.

    The LOS – The local operating system permits access by personal computers to files and printers. It may have one or multiple CD drives and disks such as Linux, MS-DOS, Unix, Windows 2000, Windows 98, and Windows XP as well as others.

    The NOS – Your Tulsa computer network will have a NOS (network operating system) that will allow all of the computers within your network to communicate with each other.

    The Router –The router is the other device that connects a LAN to the internet connection. When there are two separate LANs, or you want several computers to share a single internet connection, the router is necessary.

    There is so Much More!

    There are other components to setting up a Tulsa computer network in addition to the things we’ve listed here.  Give us a call today and schedule your appointment with one our experts here at Quantus IT Solutions.