• The Tulsa Zoo: Education and Entertainment

  • Tulsa, Oklahoma has 85 acres dedicated to the Tulsa Zoo, a pride of the city. It is city owned and privately managed with active efforts in conservation. Named “America’s Favorite Zoo” in 2005, a $25,000 grant was issued and used for promoting a computer game contest that focused on the zoo.

    Distinctive Exhibits With Exotic Animals

    Here you’ll find the Robert J. LaFortune Wild Life Trek that has received many awards itself. Here visitors can see an albino alligator, bush baby, chinchilla, grizzly bears and more. Or a visit to the Lost Kingdom: Elephant, where Gunda lives. Arriving here in 1954 and still alive today at 64 years old. This area of the zoo is just over 2 acres and displays these beautiful creatures with the Elephant Interpretive Center where Asian elephants are highlighted. A life-sized sculpture that is climbable for the kids and both indoor and outdoor areas are for your viewing.

    Re-Creation of Central and South America

    Here, you can find yourself in a life-like re-creation with the Tropical American Rain Forest, giving you a naturalist life-like rainforest environment that you walk through and experience life in a rainforest, including a balmy 80-degree temperature with 85% humidity. Within the indoor space of 13,000 sf you’ll see exotic species like the black howler monkeys, dwarf caimans, golden-headed lion tamarins, a green anaconda, piranhas and more.

    Connect With the Chimpanzees

    The Chimpanzee Connection is a large outdoor habitat that provides chimpanzee’s extensive climbing structures with cargo nets, caves, ropes and even a termite mound as well as lots of vegetation for them to explore. This habitat is open air and cage-less so that visitors can get a view that is unbarred.

    So Many Other Awesome Sights to See

    The Helmerich Sea Lion Cove, a Penguin Habitat, African Plains, an Asian Area and an unbeatable Children’s Zoo. The Dave Zucconi Conservation Center provides visitors to see a huge variety of animals like birds, fish, primates, and reptiles. There are even flamingos, Komodo dragons and snakehead fish!